Work Guarantee

UKDNY guarantees that the work will be completed by the set deadlines and takes responsibility for any delays arising from any work errors. All UKDNY projects come with a 1 year limited warranty guarantee.

High Quality Craftsmenship

UKDNY works with only certified and experienced professionals and manufacturers; that ensures high quality craftsmanship and durable products.

Precise Installation

Designers and manufacturers provide very detailed instructions to on-site project managers and installation crews, leaving no room for mistakes or imperfections.

Our experienced craftsmen specialize in kitchen installation, and will carry out your project with precision.

Current Statuses & Reports

UKDNY project managers provide daily or weekly reports to the client to maintain accountability, efficiency, and high quality performance.

Certified & Experienced

All workers, whether they are UKDNY employees or contractors, must satisfy the necessary professional credentials in order to work on any UKDNY projects.

Project Management

We will assign a project manager, field superintendent, engineer and other staff members as required to effectively manage the installation and construction processes.

On-site Project Managers

UKDNY project managers ensure that all tasks carried out by installation and construction crews performed to the highest quality, follow architectural and design plans, and exceed your expectations.

Final Inspections

At the end of each job, we go over all the project details with our clients to make sure we did not miss anything. If everything was done to satisfaction, the client signs off on a job well done, we pat ourselves in the back, and move on to the next exciting project.