Kitchen Pricing & On-site Estimates

Our team will visit your home and provide free on-site estimates to insure mutual understanding and full customer satisfaction in kitchen pricing.

Manufacturer Comparison

UKDNY only works with the most qualified and trusted manufacturers in the industry, thus quality products are guaranteed independently of your choice of manufacturer. Whatever choices you make, you can make them with confidence.

Layout & Functionality Comparison

We will analyze the pros and cons of different layouts for your project, and together we will find the right solution for your home.

Design Renders

UKDNY works with the latest CAD rendering technologies that are capable of creating real-life 3D interactive and detailed images of your future living space.

Cost Reporting

During the course of working on a project, unforeseen work may come up. If there are any additional tasks that we have to take on, we will do a cost analysis and provide a cost breakdown for the additional work..

Project Closeout

At the end of each project, we go over the original plan to make sure everything was done to the highest standard. We leave the job once the client is fully satisfied.